Wedding Day Coordinator

Professional without the fuss

You don’t want to give a friend or family member a lot of work on the day of your wedding. You’d rather leave this to a professional. It’s too much hassle and sometimes even leads to disruptions in friendships. I take care of the entire coordination of the day(s) from the beginning to the end. I welcome and take care of your guests. I also supervise the suppliers so they can do their job properly.

Basically, I make sure the whole day runs smoothly and according to plan. Good preparation is half the battle. All that you and your guests have to do, is enjoy! Isn’t this how you want to celebrate your wedding in Mallorca?

Step by step

Additional tasks

If you have any special requirements, I will of course be happy to think along with you about the details of your wedding. Additional tasks for example can be keeping track of the guest list, checking in a group booking on a flight to Mallorca or picking up the bridal bouquet or welcome sign if they are needed earlier.

Unexpected situations

On your most beautiful day, it will be very pleasant of course, if you do not have to worry about anything. As a professional day coordinator, I solve unexpected situations. For example, one of my wedding couples still don't know, that there was a problem with their wedding cake. The cake had an accident on arrival at the venue and had to be seriously repaired before bride and groom could cut it. The p√Ętissier came directly from Palma (a 50-minute drive) and it took at least another half-hour to restore the cake to its original state. Neither the bride, nor the groom or the guests noticed any of this, which is, of course, my goal.

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