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Unique wedding venue and matching theme

There are beautiful venues in Mallorca to rent for the wedding of your dreams. But which venue is suitable for your ceremony, your guests and your party? Do you also want your guests to have dinner and stay overnight at the same location?

I would love to help you find your unique wedding location. Venues on the island are popular and scarce, so I check availability and conditions. In addition, we discuss what matching theme, style or colours you would like for the decoration. I help create your special day by talking to you in detail about your dreams and wishes.

Magic venues in Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean and is known for its breathtaking landscapes, sunny coastlines and rich culture. These days, the island of pearls is also one of the most popular destinations to get married. Many couples dream of an intimate, romantic wedding abroad. In Mallorca, this dream will come true!

The wedding venues that can be found on the island can be divided into three types;

Decoration / Styling

Enjoying with all your loved ones at beautiful long tables set in style in a sunny authentic Mallorcan Finca. Deliciously enjoying Spanish tapas, sangria and guitar music. Who wouldn’t want this?

Sometimes the natural surroundings of your wedding venue, with its breathtaking charm, is already enough. But if you go for a particular theme or colour and want to go huge with decoration, that is also possible. How about a retro Volkswagen bus as a photobooth? A real eye-catcher at your wedding!

Flowers are a must at a wedding these days, this really adds a romantic finishing touch.

There are several styling and decoration suppliers in Mallorca with a lot of nice items. Beautiful styling that matches down to the smallest details to create an impressive atmosphere.

Imagine, for example, the most idyllic ceremony with a beautiful backdrop of flowers or dream catchers. The most incredible dinner tables with atmospheric candles, personalised name tags, coloured glasses and napkins. And disco lights at your evening party. Your Pinterest boards must be full of perfect pictures! Together, let us translate your ideas into the perfect wedding!

Getting married in Mallorca promises adventure, romance and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

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