Your Mallorca Wedding

A nice collaboration

My goal as a wedding planner is to take over your work and worries. Both during the preparations and on the day (or days) of the wedding itself. In order for you and your guests to only relax and enjoy. Isn't that exactly what you have in mind when getting married in Mallorca?


Everything starts with a first meeting. You tell me all your wishes and I inform you about the possibilities in Mallorca.


After this, you will receive my proposal. If you agree, I start working for you. One of the first steps is to determine the wedding location.


Good communication and clear agreements are very important to me. We work according to a clear plan.


Working with reliable suppliers is crucial. After all, you don't want unpleasant surprises.


I will help you where you need my help. However, you make the decisions that need to be made yourselves.


When problems or challenges come our way, I will solve them for you to the best of my ability.


There is always room for new ideas. I will do everything to make your wedding day unforgettable.


Before your wedding, I make sure everything is arranged and recorded in a day time schedule.


On your wedding day, I will ensure that everything goes according to the script. I welcome your guest and will be point of contact for guest and suppliers.


If you choose me to be your celebrant, I will ensure that your wedding ceremony will be personal and unforgettable.


I have everything under control and make sure all suppliers can do their job properly so your dream day becomes reality.

Dream Day

Isn't this how you want to celebrate your Best Day Ever in Mallorca?

Your Mallorca Wedding

Services and Rates

The Perfect Day

What can I do for you as Wedding Planner?

Organizing a wedding is a serious task that you can't just take care of 'in between'. It takes more time than you think. Many couples also find it difficult to keep the costs of the wedding manageable and/or within their budget. We have suppliers with differences in price and quality on the market. I have built up a large network with reliable suppliers for each budget. So I know which suppliers you need to organize the wedding according to your wishes. Because of my experience, I don't forget important things.
There are beautiful venues in Mallorca to rent for the wedding of your dreams. But which venue is suitable for your ceremony, your guests and your party? Do you also want your guests to have dinner and stay overnight at the same location? I would love to help you find your unique wedding location. Venues on the island are popular and scarce, so I check availability and conditions. In addition, we discuss what matching theme, style or colours you would like for the decoration. I help create your special day by talking to you in detail about your dreams and wishes.
You don't want to give a friend or family member a lot of work on the day of your wedding. You'd rather leave this to a professional. It's too much hassle and sometimes even leads to disruptions in friendships. I take care of the entire coordination of the day(s) from the beginning to the end. I welcome and take care of your guests. I also supervise the suppliers so they can do their job properly. Basically, I make sure the whole day runs smoothly and according to plan. Good preparation is half the battle. All that you and your guests have to do, is enjoy! Isn't this how you want to celebrate your wedding in Mallorca?

Atmospheric impression: What can you expect?

Getting married in Mallorca is magic

Mallorca is an attractive destination to get married due to it's climate and atmosphere. From an intimate wedding to a big party and everything in between. I will be happy to help you organize your dream day(s) and will go the extra mile to make your wedding different, special, unrepeatable, exciting, fun, and above all, unforgettable.