Organization & Budget

Time, price and quality

Organizing a wedding is a serious task that you can’t just take care of ‘in between’. It takes more time than you think. Many couples also find it difficult to keep the costs of the wedding manageable and/or within their budget.

We have suppliers with differences in price and quality on the market. I have built up a large network with reliable suppliers for each budget. So I know which suppliers you need to organize the wedding according to your wishes. Because of my experience, I don’t forget important things.

Organization and suppliers

If you are excited about planning your wedding with me, I am excited too and we will work together on the wedding preparations. We start with the big things and little by little we work towards the details, making sure that every aspect of your wedding is taken care of and personalised.

I guide you with care and passion and do all the communication with the wedding suppliers that I arrange for you. Based on your requirements and budget, I will suggest a selection of suppliers to you. If this does not match your wishes, I will look further. After all, this is all about your perfect wedding. I advise and support you in every step of the way. I listen carefully to your wishes and make sure they are put into practice. However, you always remain in charge of your own wedding and make the final decisions.

Potential suppliers for your wedding

Details and choices

With each contracted supplier, we look into all details together. For example with the caterer you can think about selecting the menu, canapés and cocktails, dietary requirements and determining the right tables, chairs, cutlery, plates and glasses for the dinner table.

Music is also an important part of the wedding. For example, what songs do you wish at the ceremony? Do you want it to be played through a speaker with bluetooth or will you go for a singer with a magnificent voice behind the piano… or perhaps a live duo with beautiful vocals and a guitar? In the evening, dancing with an international DJ or perhaps a cool rock band. Planning a wedding involves making choices and filling in the details.

Do you want to cut a lovely looking wedding cake? Perhaps you will come to Mallorca before the wedding, in which case I will be happy to make an appointment with a cake supplier for you to taste various flavours. We can also make an appointment with the caterer for a tasting. Woudn’t it be lovely to be able to have tastings!


Beforehand, it is important that you provide the estimate amount of your wedding budget. This way, I can give you advice, according to your wishes, whether a wedding in Mallorca is realistic and achievable.

Throughout the planning, I keep track of all suppliers’ expenses and make sure you stay within budget.

From the introduction until after the wedding, I will be at your side. Together we will create the wedding of your dreams! A casual wedding that flows wonderfully and a day where everything is right from start to finish!

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